The Videomaker Guide to Video Production
  1. 978-0-240-82434-5
  2. Videomaker Magazine
  4. Focal Press, Taylor Francis Group, New York and London, 2013
  5. 777
  6. xiv+415 hlm.; 18x25,5 cm.; illust.
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From the editors of Videomaker Magazine comes this new edition that you have bee waiting for. Start shooting professional-gaulity video quickly with great advice from the experts at Videomaker magazine. The fifth edition of Videomaker Guide to Video Production provides information on all of the latest tools and techniques necessary to help you shoot, edit and produce video like the pros. This edition is packed with information on CMOC image sensors, DSLR video, shooting for 3D, diogital color correction, modern editing software, and more as well as arming you with the essential foundation knowledge of video production. Learn abaut gear, how to excute effective shots, the best workflows for production and post-production techniques, distribution tipos on how to get your video projects seen, and information on authoring DVD and Blu-rays.//yn