Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value
  1. 978-1-118-91101-3
  2. Jack T. Marchewka
  4. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey, 2015
  5. 004.0684
  6. xii+341 hlm.; 20,5x25 cm.
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The material in each chapter provides a logical flow in term of phases and processes required to plan and manage a project. The tex begins with an introduction to project management and why IT project are organizional investments. Once a decision to approve and fund a project is made, the project must be planned at a detailed level to determine the schedule and budget. The planning and subsequent excution of the project's plan are supported by the project management and information technology bodies of knowledge. Content this book: Chapter 1: The Nature of Information Technology Project; Chapter 2: Project Methodologies and Processes; Chapter 3: Measurable Organizational Value and the Business Case ; Chapter 4:  Project Planning: The Project Infrastructure; Chapter 5: Project Planning: Scope and the Work Breakdown Structure; Chapter 6: Project Planning The Scedule and Budget; Chapter 7: Managing Project Risk; Chapter 8: Managing Project Stakeholder and Communication; Chapter 9: Managing Project  Quqlity; Chapter 10: Leading the Project Team; Chapter 11: managing Organizational Change, Resistance, and Conflict; Chapter 12: Project Completion.//yn