Learning to Program with Alice
  1. 978-0-13-255741-2
  2. Stephen Cooper
    Wanda P. Dann
  4. Pearson Educatioin, Inc., Canada, 2012
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  6. Pearson Educatioin, Inc.
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Contents this book: Part I Introduction to Alice: (1) Getting Started with Alice; (2) Program Design and Implementation; (3) Programming: Putting Together the Pieces. Part II Object-Oriented and Event-Driven Programming Concepts: (4) Classes, Objects, Methods and Parameters; (5) Interaction: Events and Event Handling;. Part III Using Functions and Control Statements: (6) Function and If/Else; (7)  Repetition: Definite and Conditional Loops; (8) Repetition: Recursion. Part IV Advanced Topics: (9) List and List Processing; (10) Variables and Revisiting Inhertance; (11) What's Next?.//yn