Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 3 July-August 2016
  1. 1051-0974
  2. Kenneth A. Lachlan
  4. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, USA/North America, 2016
  5. 380.05
  6. hlm. 259-378; 17,8x25,5 cm.; illust.
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Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 3 July-August 2016: ARTICLES: (1) A Multifactor Approach to candidate Image (Benjamin R. Warner & Mary C. Banwart); (2) The Theory of Motivated Information Management and Posttraumatic Growth: Emerging Adults' Uncertainty Management in Response to an Adverse Life Experience (Xi Tian, Paul Schrodt & Kristen Carr); (3) Let Me Tell You About My Success: The Implications of Attribution-Based Capitalization Reponse for Discloser Affect (Rebecca Roth & Armanda J. Holmstrom); (4) Mapping International Health onto Domestic Health: A Pentadic Cartography of Kathleen Sibelius's Global Health Strategy (Benjamin R. Bates); (5) Work Calling: Exploring the Comminicative Intersections of Meaningful Work and Organizational Spirituality (K. Arianna Molloy & Christina R. Foust); (6) Maintaining Open Adoption Relationships: Practitioner Insights on Adoptive Parents' Regulation of Adoption Kinship Networks (Callen Warner Colaner & Kristina M. Scharp).//yn