Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 4 September-October 2016
  1. Kenneth A. Lachlan
  3. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, USA/North America, 2016
  4. 380.05
  5. hlm. 379-487; 17,8x25,5 cm.; illust.
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Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 4 September-October 2016: ARTICLES: (1) Affection Deprivation is Associated with Physical Pain and Poor Sleep Quality (KoryFloyd); (2) The Desire for Fame:An Extention of Uses and Gratifications Theory (Jian Raymond Rui & Michael A. Stefanone); (3) Consuming to Cope Investigating College Students' Expressive Suppression as an Indirect Effect of Family Communication and Drinking Context (Jenna R. Shimkowski); (4) Training for the Unthinkable Examing Message Characteristics on Motivations to Engange in an Active-Shooter Response Video (Jesica L. Ford & Seth S. Frei); (5) She's Hot, for a olitician: The Impact of Objectifying Commentary on Perceived Credibility of Female Candidates (Michelle E. Funk & Calvin R. Coker); (6) The Writening of Grey's Anatomy (Linsay M. Cramer).//yn