Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 5 November-December 2016
  1. Kenneth A. Lachlan
  3. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, USA/North America, 2016
  4. 380.05
  5. hlm. 489-623; 17,8x25,5 cm.; illust.
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Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 5 November-December 2016: ARTICLES: (1) Applying Seft-Determination Theory to College Students' Physical-Activity Behavior: Understanding the Motivators for Physical (In)Activity (Jennifer Fletcher); (2) Visual Framing, Stigmatization, Race, and Obesity: Examining Television News Presentation of Stories about Obesity and Stories about Health (Kira Varava); (3) "Why Are'nt You a Sassy Little Thing": The Effects of Robot-Enacted Guilt Trips on Credibility and Consensus in a Negotiation (Brett Stoll, Chad Edwards & Autumn Edwards); (4) When Instructors Self-Disclose but Misbehave: Conditional Effects on Students Engagement and Interest (Dana Borzea & Alan K. Goodboy); (5) The Attributes of Relational Miximizers (Alan C. Mikkelson, Colin Hesse & Perry M. Pauley); (6) Influence of Social Identity on Self-Efficacy Beliefts Through Perceived Social Support: A Social Identity Theory Perspective (Mengfei Guan & Jiyeon So); (7) Doubling Down: President Barac Obama's Doubled Persona after the Zimmaerman Verdict (Roger C. Aden, Kelsey Crowley, Erin Phillips & Gretchen Weger).//yn