Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies Volume 30 Number 1 February 2016
  1. 1030-4312
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  4. Routledge Taylor Francis Group, Perth, Western Australia, 2016
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  6. hlm. 1-142; 17,5x25 cm.
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Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies Volume 30 Number 1 Februari 2016: ARTICLES: (1) Intimate Videos? Creative bodies in the Age of the selfie (Edwin Jurriens); (2) Infrasructural Temporalities: Facebook and the differential time of data management (Grand Bollmer); (3) New myths of OZ: the Australian beach and the negotiation of national belonging by refugee background youth (Annika Lems, Sandy Gifford & Raelene Wilding); (4) "Drawing up a balance sheet":accounting for history in Australia (Stefanie Dorman); (5) Growth of "Long Tail" in Australian Journalism supports new enganging approach to audiences (John Cokley, Lucy Gilbert, Lily Jovic & Phillipa Hanrick); (6) Stetements and silence: fantic paratextsfor ASOIAF/Game of  Thrones(judith Fathallah); (7) Gaze in Military: authorial agency and cinematic spectatorship in "drone documentaries" from Iraq (Christina M. Smith); (8) Playing Beccy Cole: authenticity, performance and characters in Australian country music (Amy Bauder); (9) Hegemonic Femininity in Tamil movies: exploring the voices of youths in Chennai, India (Premalatha Karupiah); (10) Media Conceptualizing illnesses-the case of the flu (Nikola Dobric & Franzisca Weder).//yn