Communication Studies Volume 67 Number 3 July-August 2016: ARTICLES: (1) A Multifactor Approach to candidate Image (Benjamin R. Warner & Mary C. Banwart); (2) The Theory of Motivated Information Management and Posttraumatic Growth: Emerging Adults' Uncertainty Management in Response to an Adverse Life Experience (Xi Tian, Paul more

Content this book: PREFACE: How to Age Happily with Vintage; INTERVIEW What with Vintage; First Chapter Happy Home: Revisiting Mild-Century; Five Things that Make or Break the Room; Hippie Heaven; Hunting, Gathering, Nesting; Casual Artistry. Second Chapter Happy in the High Life:Modern Classic; Time Capsule. more

Contents this book: Part I Introduction to Alice: (1) Getting Started with Alice; (2) Program Design and Implementation; (3) Programming: Putting Together the Pieces. Part II Object-Oriented and Event-Driven Programming Concepts: (4) Classes, Objects, Methods and Parameters; (5) Interaction: Events and Event Handling;. Part II more

Rapidly evolving data communications and networking technology are shaping the future of the business world, creating new challenges for both business students and the instructors who must prepare them for future careers. Updated with latest advances in the field, Alan Dennis and Alexandra Durcikova's 11th edition of Fundam more

The material in each chapter provides a logical flow in term of phases and processes required to plan and manage a project. The tex begins with an introduction to project management and why IT project are organizional investments. Once a decision to approve and fund a project is made, the project must be planned at a detailed more