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The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway’s mysterious neighbour Gatsby gazes across the dark bay at a distant green light… As the summer unfolds, Nick is drawn into Gatsby’s world of luxury cars, speedboats and extravagant parties. But the more be hears about Gatsby-even from what Gatsby himself tells him-the less he is sure of the truth. Did Gatsby really go to Oxford University? Was he a hero in the war? Did he once kill a man? Nick recalls how he came to know Gatsby. He recounts how he enters the world of his cousin Daisy and her wealthy husband Tom. But does their money make them any happier? How do everybody’s stories connect? Will you come to know the real Gatsby after reading Nick’s account of that fateful summer?//yn

Oleh Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Clarissa. Or, The History of A Young Lady

This classic novel tells  the story, in letters, of the beautiful and virtuous Clarissa Harlowe’s pursuit and abducation by the rake Robert Lovelace. The epistolary structure allows Richardson to creat layered and fully realized characters, as well as an intriguing uncertainty about the realibility of the various “narrators”. “The heroine, Clarissa Harlowe, is at once rational and passionate, self-sacrificing and defiant, and her story has gripped readers since the novel’s first publication in 1747-1748. This new abridgement is designed to retain the novel’s rich characterizations and relationships, and reproduces many individual letters in their entirety. This Broadview Edition provides a uniquely accessible entry point for readers, while retaining much of the powerfull reading experience of the complete novel.//yn

Oleh Richadson, Samuel


Oleh Joyce, James

The Black Cat

Oleh Poe, Edgar Allan

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