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English for Computer

Herlan Sutisna
Yani Sri Mulyani
Graha Ilmu, Yogyakarta, 2020
x+96 page.; 17x24 cm.; illuss.; Glosarium

This book describes about English in Information Technology Literature that are able to support their competence in Information and Technology. The students can understand about scopes of Information and Technology Literatures. The students can do a process of learning in IT literature development. This book describes about what computer is in this chapter the students will know about the history of computer, what computer is and the types of computer. The another chapter the students know about inside of computer and also explained about software and hardware include with part of software and hardware and is given by the example for part of them. They student will be discribed about programming language, how to use internet for daily avtivities and also explain about computer networking include example and the picture. Besides that this book is hoped that the students are able to know and understand what malware is and types of malicious software include with many examples how the viruses infect. And this book is really interesting because this book explains about stagenography and cryptography and crytocurrency include the history and the example of them and some techniques to use them. The students wil understand about internet, website and search engine and the student will be given the explaination about E-mail and part of E-mail and how to use E-mail. The last chapter the students will describes about Indonesia Digital Landscape and we can know the information about the data of using internet and many more. The Authors hope that book can help not only the students who study english computer but also the reader who want to know the english computer. And of course after reading this book the readers can get something interesting and read it that does not us boring because it is completed by many interesting pictures.//yn

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