Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies Volume 30 Number 6 December 2016
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  3. Routledge Taylor Francis Group, Perth, Western Australia, 2016
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  5. 602-763 hlm.; 17,5x25 cm.
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This book contents: 1) Manipulative silences and the politics of representation of boat children in Australian print media by Helen J. McLaren and Tejaswini Vishwanath Patil; 2) With Good on our side: Christianity, whiteness, Islam and otherness in the Australian experience by Jon Stratton; 3) Becoming the Other-stereotyping of Greeks by the German press by Eleni D. Tseligka; 4) 'Serious public mischief': young women, alcohol and the New Zealand press by Sarah Wright; 5) Temporary sobriety initiatives: emergence, possibilities and contraints by Julie Robert; 6) Serving fishy realness: representations of gender equity on RuPaul's Drag Race by Jorge C. Gonzalez and Kameron C. Cavazos; 7) Corporeal violence in art-house cinema: Cannes 2009 by Iptek A. Celik Rappas; 8) The rules of engagement: talkback radio audiences' understandings of the conditions of acces to programs by Jacqui Ewart; 9) The personalization of publicity in the museum by Caroline Wilson-Barnao; 10) NZ film on demand: searching for national cinema online by Ian Huffer. //ir